SQ3R - Learning method

21 Jul 2019  GG  1 min read.


  • Examine the structure of the material
    • Title
    • Introduction
    • Section titles
    • Chapter titles
    • Headings
    • Subheadings
    • Pictures/Graphics
  • Decide exactly what you want to become knowledgeable about
  • Keep an eye out for phrases or concepts that appear in several different sources
  • Draw connections and cause-and-effect relationships


  • Go through the chapter titles, headings and subheadings and rephrase them in the form of a question
  • Use study questions if they are available


  • Look for the answers to the questions you’ve raised
  • The earlier steps build anticipation for learning
  • Be patient with the material and with yourself
  • If you aren’t getting a sense of clarity about a certain part, stop, go back to the beginning and reread it


  • Literal recitation
  • Ask questions out loud, verbally about what you’re reading
  • Take notes
  • Highlight key points
  • Recite both verbally and through writing


  • Go back over the material that you’ve studied, re-familiarize yourself with the most important points, and build your skills at memorizing the material
  • Break this stage down into specific days of the week
  • Tactics
    • Write more questions of important parts you have highlighted
    • Orally answer some of the questions if you can
    • Review your notes
    • Create flashcards for important concepts and terminology
    • Rewrite the table of contents using your own words
    • Build out a mindmaps
    • Journal what you’ve learned
  • Strengthens your memory of the material
  • It can help see connections and similarities between different aspects and put concepts and ideas into greater context